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ESL LRIT Solution

Most our customers have been looking for a solution offering a bit more, so we have in close cooperation with a number of our customers have developed a unique LRIT solution which is available for the maritime industry.

In addition to the stand-alone SAILOR TT-3000LRIT Transceiver our system consists of the following components:

  • ESL LMU401 LRIT Status Monitor Unit; allowing on-board monitoring of the status of the TT-3000LRIT system including:
    • Overall operational status of the TT-3000LRIT
    • Synchronization with the Inmarsat-C satellite system
    • GPS Position valid.
    • Interface to ship-borne alarm systems
  • ESL Junction Box; for easy interfacing to DC supply and the ESL LRIT Status Monitor.  

If one of the above status indications switches off, a buzzer will sound to alert the crew. This will enable the crew to act pro-actively and inform the flag of the on-board problems, and that they are working on solving the problem, before the Flag deems the ship non LRIT compliant. The buzzer can be switched off by pressing the reset button on the alarm panel.

ESLís LRIT solution is based on Thrane & Thraneís stand-alone SAILOR TT-3000LRIT transceiver that offers inexpensive LRIT compliance along with the renowned SAILOR quality.

The SAILOR TT-3000LRIT is a cost-effective, fit-and-forget system comprising just three parts:

  • Mini-C transceiver
  • Connection Cable
  • Pole Mount

You can download the SAILOR TT-3000LRIT product sheet here!

LRIT conformance test
We have agreements in place with all the major ASPs and can thereby offer a complete LRIT solution covering project management, delivery and installation of hardware as well as tests.

To find out more please contact sales@eurosatlink.com